Adventure Brothers is the latest series from Sikora Entertainment and created by two brothers Michael and William Sikora. As kids growing up on a farm, they always went on adventures together and explored the world around them. Now, one lives in Hawaii, the other in Los Angeles, California and they spent much less time together doing exciting things.

The plan of action was for Will to finally fulfill a life-long dream and visit his brother in Hawaii. After much planning, the date was set and the brothers were reunited, ready to conquer paradise.

The initial concept of the show was simply really cool GoPro content and drone footage but Will wanted to take it to the next level and create an entire show around brotherhood and the adventures they were about to go on. The working title was GoPro Adventures but after a lot of deliberation, the two came up with Adventure Brothers, something that still captures the excitement yet brings in audiences with the family aspect.

Hawaii is just the first adventure for the brothers, they plan on another season and want to take it even further. The world awaits!



Mike always enjoyed the carefree life, his dream was to move to Hawaii where he could live in paradise. He enjoys surfing and exploring the islands around him; his new found love of videography and photography has taken his passion to new heights.


Will is a passionate creative type who enjoys making films and bringing his visions to life. He chased after his dreams and moved to Los Angeles in 2010 where he has been shaping his future in the entertainment industry. Being in such a big city, he loves to escape the traffic and pollution to enjoy nature.