Venus Pool – Timelapse

Venus Pool is usually a serene place, but when we visited the winds were strong and the waves were rough, sending in debris and a mad ocean into the shore. This is a brief time lapse of Venus Pool, an amazing place to do cliff jumping or sit back and relax!

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Epic Two Part Season Finale

It’s been an amazing journey, a journey of a lifetime and the brothers are wrapping up their adventure with the two part finale in Hana. The final episode takes Will and Mike to Venus Pool, where there are epic cliffs to jump off of and into the ocean. Watch a preview of the season finale below.


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2016 Adventure Brothers Calendar & More For Sale

Go on an epic adventure in Hawaii every month with the Adventure Brothers. Two brothers who travel around Maui capturing the beauty of the island in their acclaimed series and now you can bring the adventure home.

The official store opened up with a wide assortment of products like canvas prints, posters, bandanas, flip flops, shirts, and of course this amazing calendar which features 15 months of beauty. You can visit the store

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Adventure Guides In Every Episode

Wanna join the adventure? Each episode on our site features a Google Map location of exactly where we went, there are also exclusive photos from the episode posted so you can see the amazing beauty that is Hawaii.

We must warn you though, some of these adventures can be dangerous for the typical tourist and may result in injury. Stay along the paths and you should be OK.

Maui offers so many amazing places to see, it’s definitely a place you need to go out and explore, so plan your trip ahead and make sure you spend at least a week on the island!

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Bring On The Fun

Adventure Brothers continues their first season discovering the epic islands of Hawaii. Their latest episode takes them to the Nakalele Blowhole where a massive hole in the ocean rock blasts water up to 100 feet in the air. It’s a dangerous place that has claimed the lives of a couple tourists and truly showcases the power of the ocean!


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The Brothers Visit Jurassic World

Jurassic Park inspired me as an 11 year old kid, seeing the dinosaurs come to life made me want to show the world MY imagination and since then it has always been that goal. I started doing film, Jurassic Park totally changed my life, I thought it would be fun to do this series since the movies were all filmed in Hawaii too! Hope you enjoy, spare no expense! – Will

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Twin Falls Extended Scenes & Bloopers

Every other week we will be posting a bonus video which will include extended scenes, deleted scenes, and bloopers! It’s a bunch of great content so make sure you tune in every other week for all new episodes. Our next adventure premieres on 10/6 and takes place at Big Beach! We are going snorkeling!

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Welcome to the official Adventure Brothers website! We are two brothers who have loved going on adventures ever since we were kids. One day, we decided to plan our biggest adventure yet, in Hawaii and after much saving and planning, we made it happen. The show was originally just going to be really cool GoPro footage and stuff, but we changed it up and decided to make it about our brotherhood and share our journey with the world. So, we hope you enjoy the adventure and follow us on our journey! We can’t wait to see what happens next.

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